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Artitec is a young, dynamic company in the world of model making. But don't let our fresh faces fool you: we offer years of experience making high quality scale models for architects, museums, and hobbyists. Being enthusiastic modellers ourselves, we strive on developing new approaches to improve the art of modelling.

At Artitec, we value both the "tried and true" and cutting edge technology, offering you a unique combination of advanced CAD/CAM technology with a traditional, experienced "feel" for detail and finishing. The result? The highest standard in model kits. Whether you desire a model of a different time period or from a distant country, ARTITEC can deliver it to you.

Each Artitec Model Kit is a perfect blend of an old-fashioned eye for detail and state of the art technology. Expert tips on assembling, painting, and weathering are included in each kit to help ensure your model is the very best it can be. Our instructions are available in a variety of languages.

If you're looking for an authentic, accurate, and detailed model to liven up your scenery, look no further.

Artitec - the new name in model kits



Artitec model kits are made using a plastic (resin) cast technique, under vacuum conditions. This allows us to create much more finely detailed parts than using other methods. The advantages are:

  • Fine details like bricks, nail holes, wood grain, hinges etc. can be reproduced exactly to scale
  • Realistic effects such as skew roof tiles, sagging roofs and cracked walls can be achieved
  • Small details are added by using etched brass parts
  • The windows are made using a screen printing technique, allowing even more detail

The kit consists of fewer parts, which saves time and cuts down on the need to place tiny details yourself, with all the difficulties that can bring
A consequence of this method is that the models are unpainted. This is unusual in railway scenery, but very common in other scale model kits. By following our expert guidelines, and with a little practice, you will soon find that you can achieve much more realistic results by painting your models yourself. Also this allows you to better customise your models, in order to make your whole collection 'fit' together.



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